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Pragmatic, reserved and a deep thinker who loves family, sports especially football where am married to two wives: the first, AC Milan who has my loyalty and the second wife, Manchester United who has all my undying love and pampering, lifestyle and society parties. Need I say the law is more than a profession but a lifestyle for me.

Adekanye Adeyinka Olajide.

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As ASUU relentlessly continues in its course to put lecturing on hold, in other to restore an educational system that is rudely unhealthy and to force an unwilling government who appears to be dragging its feet into fulfilling terms of agreement over restructuring and financing the system; the ripple effect is taking its toll on a frustrated bunch of students. Who though are in the core of the reason of this necessary struggle, look so forlorn?

The strike is almost in the first quarter of a year in length, yet no hope of a resolution in sight any time soon. While this tussle continues as both parties’ trades words, having the overall interests of students at heart, we must begin to think of a way of alternatives to education rather than allow our steaming youths to waste away like flowers in their prime. We all know when two elephants are fighting, only the grass suffers. Am sure whoever created this proverb must have been an African because it is a proverb which succinctly depicts inequality and highlights a society with deep flaws inherent in it, where all that counts is power and being power drunk, corruption and total disregard for the need of the common man – who form the society itself.

It is chief to think of other course of actions in other to succeed in Nigeria, as the school way is no longer adequately sufficient. Judging from precedents, graduates of a Nigerian federal or state university will hardly get a job after completing their education. With these incessant truncations of their study, they would graduate will over the employment age. Many companies in this country will not employ anyone above twenty-four years inclusive of the compulsory service and two years of job experience. Thus, the hope of white-collar jobs is fallacious, as only a few will have job opportunities.

Since time immemorial, governance in Nigeria has never been about the people. That is why we have too many employable people with little or no job opportunities on the streets. The alarming thing now is this precarious condition is rearing its ugly head and spilling into our universities, which now send students to the already choked streets; this, we must stem!

From the time the ASUU strike started, these jobless youths have had nothing to do. We cannot however pin this to government alone but on the nonchalance even our youths have adopted. None wants gainful engagement; all they seek is money with no hard work or unending fun in whatever way they can find forgetting that hard work is the pride of life.

Hence, rather than our youths to stream the cinema houses all day, they can spend this valuable time in developing handy skills like tailoring, barbing, or carpentry, etc. as it is said, the idle mind is the devil’s workshop and a gifted hand blesses a nation. By learning these vocational jobs, scope is diversified and they become multi tasked while also earning a reasonable sum to meet their own personal needs which makes them more responsible and gives a better understanding of finances as they would have worked for that money unlike money gotten dubiously.
Similarly, instead of the girls going to their boyfriend’s house just to get all cosy because of their “weather for two” ending up with unwanted babies and all sort of frivolities, they can engage in learning beads making, hairdressing, make-up among other things.

For those who are less inclined or not too gifted in handy works, there are numerous opportunities in the certification world. They can enrol for various computer trainings that suit their desires and become IT certified. Where there parents can afford a little more, they can plunge into professional certifications, which equips them for the future. Sometimes, those certifications can charter a completely new course entirely different from their choice of study.

More importantly, there are opportunities for internship even in the blue chip companies in Nigeria. The problems with our youths have always been the craze for quick money. Internships are not salary motivated but there are other incentives exceedingly greater than remunerations. The wealth of experience garnered at the end is far outreaching and far beneficial at the long run.

In addition, instead of thronging hotel bars or bear parlours all day and consequently be caught in other vices, those moneys put into drinking and sponsoring that of others can be put together and invested wisely either in stocks or bonds which yields long term dividends. They can also put it on businesses they can directly oversee. Carry out surveys on the needs of your friends and environment at large becoming a service provider no matter the small beginnings one might have.

This is the time for the youths to set priorities right and kill procrastination. The time is now to engage in profitable acts and guide our choices wisely. Our youths must begin to take entrepreneurship serious, as they do not have to wait until they are graduates with the hope of finding good paying jobs for they will be shocked that there are limited good paying jobs out there. We also must not forget that the destiny of the youths is now in our hands as government are not responsible or interested in our collective clamouring for they have even refused to create or encourage growth in other industries.