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Pragmatic, reserved and a deep thinker who loves family, sports especially football where am married to two wives: the first, AC Milan who has my loyalty and the second wife, Manchester United who has all my undying love and pampering, lifestyle and society parties. Need I say the law is more than a profession but a lifestyle for me.

Adekanye Adeyinka Olajide.

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In one of my recent frolics gotten from the seemingly unending freedom bestowed on me due to the public holidays of late, this rolled into the weekend. I had loads of time to attend my most coveted “owanbe” parties: a habit that is painfully far declining. One of this was sagamu’s big girl Mrs Bunmi Adesanya’s burial of her father in an ijebu town – trust me to serve you pictures. By the way I caught up with Mrs Lolade Majekodunmi: creator of the renowned ‘HOUSE OF DORCAS’ a beehive of fashioning and tailoring in Lagos. As tough as it turned out to getting her interviewed, I finally caught up with her later in her office; so people look out for that especially for the women who love local fashion as house of dorcas deals with creating design with our local Ankara prints. You will also see pictures of her clothing collections. By the way, Mrs Lolade is also the daughter of the demised old man - Mr Adeneye.

Similarly, I had time for home Cinemania and ample time to spend in front of my television set. It was also time to meet and hang out for days with my bosom friend Ade – that although did not end up well as I ended up scaring him a bit. Am shocked more by his jelly fish reaction, which we both laugh about until now. We did not play video game as always, but this time around, we had lots of places to visit together and events to attend. We also got talking on highly pertinent issues - mostly personal.

Choi, one thing I have noticed since I started blogging is my relentless ability at paying more attention keenly to every story to find the juice in it. For me, all now is professional packaging joor, what you might call “gbeberoun” *covers face*. A friend who has a hotel also had his child’s naming mini party though it was in absentee for his wife and child were in the states while we were popping roses of Andre, Moet and for us that don’t consume alcohol, we cheered with juices in the cup. That happened until late in the night. It was the same week that Ade got news of the demise of a prominent member of his parents estate. The news was a rude shock as the old man has been hearty before his sudden death. Anyway, that was how another party came into the agenda.

Before I digress totally from why I purported to write this piece, let me go back to the reason. In an attempt to get my “owanbe” clothe from the tailor, I had to opt to take a bike to the tailors place and return to my uncle where we had parked before he was through with his own duty. Essentially, I was using a stone to trap two birds. As it will turn out, the purpose of the day was to meet the bike man as it were; for many who know me, will say authoritatively that bikes and I are two parallel lines.

Our conversation had started from pricing for the distance and all. He had remained kind and calm though insisting not to cut price. I noticed in those few seconds how fluent he was in his use of English language. To cut the long story short, he said we all must realize that there is a price to pay every dream to become reality. He opined strongly that there was no two way to success other than persistent and dedicated hard work. He insisted that there was no cutting quarters when it comes to success and that many of our societal predicaments are tied to the modern ideology of “get rich quick at all cost syndrome.” I marvelled at how witty he was, and the zeal with which he used in analyzing every issue like a carefully thought out theory.

This man went on saying “aso nla ko ni eyan nla” meaning rich men are not identified by how expensive the clothes they put on are. He said we must all realize that we had special timing for everything that envying is just a weapon for the feeble, and hopeless minded. He wondered why anyone would envy when you were not sure what his other aspect of life that is not conspicuous is like. To this bike man, we must identify our end so that carving a means to it will be easier. In explaining this, he used himself as a classic example. He said though he is an indigene of sagamu, he did not bother what people will think of him when taking up the motorcycle as a means of generating employment.

To him the end is having a big poultry, which he already managed. He explained further that he had the vision but executing it was like moving mountain with mere words. He realised that no one will lend a man with no money a dime and he did not want any pity. Therefore, to him the means was riding “bike” and charging to generate funds for his “end” the poultry. So rather than sit and blame his sick government for not furnishing him with a job after 6 years graduating or blaming banks for not granting a loner like him loan for his visionary automated poultry, he decided to find a means to an end. So while others are riding in various gigantic jeeps and snoring like volcanic eruptions in hotel rooms, spending other peoples money, he is busy dressing like a masquerade: wearing socks and gloves in summer to reduce accident impacts, and riding like a provoked spirit in the horrendous sun of the Sahara and relaxing with 5naira pure water. so as to get all the funds to keep his poultry growing till he can then spend the money from sale of chicken’s egg and chicken itself in later years at a private beach. Then his dream of addressing a large populace of youths will have deeper meaning.