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Pragmatic, reserved and a deep thinker who loves family, sports especially football where am married to two wives: the first, AC Milan who has my loyalty and the second wife, Manchester United who has all my undying love and pampering, lifestyle and society parties. Need I say the law is more than a profession but a lifestyle for me.

Adekanye Adeyinka Olajide.

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Where I come from is all blue: quiet life style, peaceful movements, and ease in mobility and traffic congestions are minimal. Indeed, it is a convenient way of life. Then I took this trip and I was disconcerted at the way of life I witnessed, which I find amiss; it was obvious I was a total stranger, and comparable to a soul trapped in another’s body, I sort to escape. At first the sights were a little bemusing as it appeared everyone have embraced this odd way of life as if it was a summer reprieve after a long winter. Yet I got more perplexed as a close contact with each individual gracing these streets look burn out like a tired locomotive train. With red, heavy eyes suffering from sleep looking as though they had just delivered an “abiku” child, leaving them with a terrible ordeal to hunt their memories. 

This is a mad city regardless of its bright lights, clean streets, massive urban structures, immense lush social lifestyle; indeed one cannot dispute that this city never sleeps – it is a beehive of activities with various premium, exclusive and amiable centres, one is overwhelmed from posh list of events to choose. The city boasts of numerous edifices laid out with such grandeur, and brands jostling for the attention of consumers in consummate fashion. Regardless of these mouth-watering experiences in the offing, together with undisputable fact that this is a place to yearn for, I loathe this city for a simple reason: it makes a good boy go crazy.

Why would anyone choose to wake up 4am all in a bid to beat traffic? It is more petrifying to know that they mostly return home in the wee hours of the night walking the streets with a conscious dash like a thief in the night and a regular glance over the shoulder like one who is on police radar. No, they are not criminals; they are only exhausted individuals: with prayers on their lips, and in their hearts like that of sinners seeking redemption. However, treading waters after a hectic day at work wishing to get home in one piece without losing properties or life to hoodlums lurking round the corners viciously as a hyena starved of food following drought to an unsuspecting prey. If heaven pleases in its mercy to watch over its beloved, light their paths while shielding them from evil; as a Somali father will protect his daughter from being a victim of a group rape - by rebels in civil war times. Yet they have no luxury of jumping on a bed they have since imagined as a fat kid does cupcakes. They have to strive to get set for a day assured only by grace, find the most convenient attire to iron (perchance PHCN has not burnt a fuse meant to power up their street) and then munch on some junk bought in traffic or left over of an eatery food. 

Finally, a waiting bed bears the full weight of stress in a nap cum sleep. The morning rush is equally a haywire experience. Home is left with no proper attendance to “self” in the fear of honouring job time – by the way, the modern day slave master; else a persistent default will lead to queries and once they come rolling in, only circumstances other than physical, can prevent losing that coveted job. In these few days, I have seen heads hitting bus or car windows with no form of control just as the tree branches bow to the wind in heavy rains. The body is tired, needing relaxation; it forces it out after a denial of it. Many who are lucky to have a private car to join or a driver to ease mobility, eat away in vehicles resemblance of a home, or have more comfort sleeping while the driver does his job?

In this outlandish city, everyone is at a threshold of exploding from bottled up emotions like a combustion only waiting to ignite. From the man or woman who has not had enough sleep, to the school child who has been woken up as early as 4am in a bid to get set for school, to the bus conductor who as a switch flips mood like a fickle volcanic eruption brandishing insults similar to that of an abandoned wife to equally volatile passengers. I am most astonished by the way; everyone is so belligerent, yet equally intrigued by the dubbed “street smartness” of everyone. By this, I was abreast for one that it was necessary to pre-empt every action by another before they even materialise. For example, you have to collect the goods and change from excess payment before handing over the money. Consequently, you see these drink vendors running at a pace I doubt #UsainBolt the world’s fastest man, can match when they try to get goods delivered and money exchange. As a result, they return with a forlorn look notably when their effort at sale is futile from intending customers who rebuff their every attempt.

Am still aghast at how ridiculous it is to see gridlock of vehicles resemblance only to emergency exits as those of a people abandoning a tsunami engulfed state, at a total halt, with engines literally shut from their murmurs (sonorous by the way) by no means a harmonious rhythm. Only to get to that spot and realise there was no tangible reason for such arduous long hour’s standstill. Then you constantly have to grapple with commercial drivers and their reckless driving, shunting through available spaces capable of provoking even a toddler into reactions never fathomed and similarly, disregarding pedestrian rights. It was at one of these hold up I witnessed an epic depiction of “suffering and smiling,” a song made by #Fela when I saw the famous “molue” rear its “kongi” body “with 49 sitting, 99 standing!”

Oh, how can I ever forget the road users all in an attempt to evade traffic clogs, buy time by hanging around in joints and clubs who ensure their embrace is better than what they will get at home? In the course of this process, many consume liquor at a high rate with other accessories to relieve them of tension, readily available when they need a box to plug and play! I guess that explains why accident rates at night are now so prevalent; after all, that is when people drink and drive most following the closing of shops of law operatives.
Truly, I leave this city so highly admired with the fact that in LAGOS, the hustle is red. Unlike where I come from where it is all blues!