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You are here: Home / #71 TIPS ON HOW TO KEEP YOUR MAN.



♥TIP #1
Make homemade snacks for him. Such as cake, pie and so on.

♥TIP #2
Loose his buttons knot his tie and help lace his shoes.

♥TIP #3
No matter how hurrying you might be, make time for him especially when he wants to make love to you. Men can be animalistic. Do not mind that he might have the urge to have you after you are all dressed and set to dash out.

♥TIP #4
Check his clothes for tears or misplaced buttons even if you are not the one that does his laundry and mend them or fasten the buttons back in place.

♥TIP #5
Take special cognisance of the things he likes most and make it as surprise gifts for him. Some men love jewelleries, some clothing, some shoes and others electronics and various gadgets. Pay attention to these vital details and surprise him with it.

♥TIP #6
You will be shocked to know that we also love to brag about our women buying us special gifts. So buy him expensive gifts that will be conspicuous so when he uses them, friends ask him where he got it. He will light up with pride to boast about how you had it for him.

♥TIP #7
Never forget to tell him how good looking he is. Tell him “he is your prince charming and your shining armour.”

♥TIP #8
Make him feel important always and place him above other family members.

♥TIP #9
Serve his food in an appealing and attractive way. Use complete sets and avoid colour riots from use of different bowls.

♥TIP #10
Men love to be praised not flattered. Listening to Pastor E.A Adegboye when he revealed how his mother used to collect his school fee from his dad. He said the mother would go on praising his father’s ancestors and his lineage, telling stories of how his ancestors had conquered territories and captured wild animals, and how their lands were immensely immeasurable. He said his father would ask what she wanted and she would politely remind him of resumption date and general needs for the child and family. Pastor Adegboye said even when his father had no dime; he would go to borrow so as not to let his wife down.
This is an endless trick. Imbibe it and watch your man reach for the moon to bring it down for you.

♥TIP #11
Buy him gifts such as tie racks and cufflinks.

♥TIP #12
During difficult times such as sudden loss of job or financial constraints, shower him with undiluted love and show genuine understanding.

♥TIP #13
Never make him feel old even when he does look old with grey hair appearing, tell him how unique they make him look.

♥TIP #14
Men are the perfect egoistic species. So feed him with lots of respect and make his wings blossom like that of the peacock. Watch how he will use those wings you helped spread to protect you

♥TIP #15
Appreciate and love his family members, shower those gifts especially his mother. Men love this because they feel you have totally seen his people as yours.

♥TIP #16
Truth is men love to be in charge so do not hesitate to ask questions on what you can do to make feel like the leader of the relationship. The secret to this is it in turn, earns you his undying love and loyalty.

♥TIP #17
Never correct him in public especially in the presence of the children when you have one. This is a direct tussle with his position of authority.

♥TIP #18
“Obe ti bale ki je, iyale ki se” meaning whatever soup the husband despises, the wife must not cook. In essence, do without what ever he despises. For example, if your man insists you do not keep a particular friend, desist in the company of such.

♥TIP #19
Tell him times without number he is the best man in the world and how God has blessed you by bringing him your way.

♥TIP #20
Do not embarrass him outside especially when he exhibits ignorance. This is the most painful thing for a man. He may feign peace, but trust that he grudges you.

♥TIP #21
Make your man better than when you found him.

♥TIP #22
Never compare your man with other men. If there are areas, you want him to improve on, help him by teaching and motivating him.

♥TIP #23
Be your man’s peace. Never make him scared of coming home to you. You should be his resting place not his hell on earth!

♥TIP #24
Love him even with your substance and honour him with it. When you earn more than him, never assume pole position in your relationship.

♥TIP #25
Do not deprive him of sex when he demands even if you are not in the mood or tired. Most pertinently, never make quarrels a reason to deprive him of sex.

♥TIP #26
If you have children, do not make the mistake of placing them above him or making them your sole priority.

♥TIP #27
When matters affect your children, put him into consideration and carry him along.

♥TIP #28
Go with him to the saloon to shave and barb his hair. You can also choose style and pattern.

♥TIP #29
Treats and tricks are not for the children alone; include him too and buy him biscuits and sweets. You will be shocked at how enthused he will be to have them!

♥TIP #30
Men are generally lazy even to care for themselves. Therefore, be our mother figure and supervise our well-being; help trim his nails, replace his briefs and pants.

♥TIP #31
Share personal hygiene with him. Some men do not know the need of shaving sensitive parts and others cannot differentiate between a masculine and body odour; educate him on this.

♥TIP #32
Know his body and waist size so you can buy him his underwear.

♥TIP #33
Women are usually guilty of shopping cheap for their man. This makes us feel unloved and used when all you buy are just cheap singlet and boxers. Go the extra mile and get him limited exclusive gifts. Invest your money in us too.

♥TIP #34
Encourage him to drop his bad habits. Do not talk him down when he falters; rather, support him.

♥TIP #35
Guide and help him to invest his money wisely by overseeing his investments and show that your interests are legitimate and not for selfish gains.

♥TIP #36
Nagging is a man’s enemy. Do not nag at him. When you correct him or make your point known, do not dwell on it!

♥TIP #37
Men love homemade food. So constantly make him a variety of meals specially made by you and not your house cleaners.

♥TIP #38
Change his plates and cutlery as often as possible. Men do not like a monotonous usage of anything; we get bored easily.

♥TIP #39
Serve his beverages, tea or coffee in beautiful mugs; not using one for years. You can even get special mugs that show his birthday month.

♥TIP #40
Most men are not good with dates. So remind him of special dates such as anniversaries, children’s birthday and so on before the due date.

♥TIP #41
Know is tailor so you can surprise him with specially sown clothes occasions.

♥TIP #42
Buy him bedroom slippers.

♥TIP #43
Surprise him with his special meals or delicacies especially by delivering it to his office.

♥TIP #44
Allow him his special boys out days and let him enjoy it privately. Do not badge him with constant calls of his whereabouts and staying out late on those days!

♥TIP #45
Buy him his shaving stick and replace his damaged clipper and torn socks.

♥TIP #46
Support his favourite sport team and watch with him even when you are not a fan of such sport.

♥TIP #47
Pray with and for him.

♥TIP #48
When he offends you, do not make that a reason to break up with him. That is a pointer; you will not fight for him.

♥TIP #49
Take his car to the car wash and encourage him to drive yours.

♥TIP #50
Drive him while he sits.

♥TIP #51
Do not allow under any circumstances, your house cleaners to tend to your man. Find the time and strength to do it yourself.

♥TIP #52
Most crucial to keeping him to staying in love with you is looking good always for him. Identify what tickles his fancy and endeavour to use it to entice him. Some men love their women putting on high heels even while in the house.

♥TIP #53
Be the one to initiate romance. Be naughty: touch his sensitive organs, lick his ears, dress seductively, and harass him.

♥TIP #54
Men love to hunt. So give him clues on how to chase and find you, be elusive. Ensure there is a romantic reward for every time he finds you.

♥TIP #55
When it comes to getting down and shagging, be his guide on handling you where you will be most satisfied. Do not assume he should know.

♥TIP #56
Keep his environment green and clean.

♥TIP #57
Take interest in his health and monitor it. Many men love to overwork until they burn out so encourage him to rest and make the home conducive, friendly, and desirable to want to be in.

♥TIP #58
Get identified with your man by carrying picture of him in your locket, key holder, and purse.

♥TIP #59
If he corrects you in a manner that irritates you in public, obey him and then call him to order firmly in private and express your displeasure to how he addressed you.

♥TIP #60
Take good care of his children, yourself, and the home.

♥TIP #61
Help settle his bills while he is away. Isolating such until his return makes him feel like a slave

♥TIP #62
If you can, help wash his clothes occasionally especially those he cherishes most and put them away neatly.

♥TIP #63
Plan your leave to coincide with his so that you can both spend more time alone.

♥TIP #64
Buy him love cards, which he can keep.

♥TIP #65
Organise his birthdays by surprising him with the presence of his old colleagues and friends and have a special speech identifying how he is your most cherished gift.

♥TIP #66
Embark on significant huge projects together.

♥TIP #67
Share family expenses together like children’s school fees, clothing, and other family vacation trips. Invest jointly on your children.

♥TIP #68
Who says men do not love to talk? We do especially to a woman we love. Have a listening ear and a heart that remembers especially when we talk about our goals, aspirations and hopes or even challenges.

♥TIP #69
When you want to help a man financially, keep the third ears out of it. Men never joke with their integrity. Once you reveal to the whole world, he feels ridiculed. He will rather announce it himself.

♥TIP #70
Do not put all your responsibilities on him. Shed the weight.

♥TIP #71
When he is down, cheer him up.