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You are here: Home / #73 ROMANTIC TIPS.



♥Tips #1
Wash her car personally once in a while even if you take yours to the car wash.

♥Tip #2
Trim her nails, brush her hair in long slow strokes especially after she has just had her bathe and style it for her. Be sure she will keep it even when going out.

♥Tip #3
Whenever you come across something she might like, buy it for her.

♥Tip #4
When your partner is a little worked up, buy her things she has always craved for.

♥Tip #5
Buy her sexy lingerie’s and underwear. A complete set of pants and bra that you will love to see on her, invest heavily on them.

♥Tip #6
Women love their man always being around them. So even when she is in the kitchen, help her even if all you do is talk and peck her, touch her in nice places and compliment the aroma of her food.

♥Tip #7
Send your driver to go deliver money to fuel her car. Ensure you do this while she is still at work.

♥Tip #8
Call her constantly and gist her about even the silliest things. Tell her about what is happening at work, something funny that caught your attention; take a picture of it and send to her.

♥Tip #9
Give her money to make her hair and tell her the particular style you want her to be adorned with.

♥Tip #10
When you are in the wrong, buy her cards and write love notes in it like:
“When I quarrel with you, a part of me dies!”
Have it delivered to her at her work place or in school before you see her.

♥Tip #11
Call her by pet names; it can be by her middle name or a name she was called as a little child by her parents: this will bring back sweet memories to her.

♥Tip #12
When they have an event to celebrate in her family, sponsor a part of it in her name. For example, you can buy a cow.

♥Tip #13
A woman loves to be flattered; so constantly pour her sweet honest words, show your affection to her by complimenting on how stunning she looks on a particular dress. If you have to correct her, ensure it is done in a romantic way. If you think she is better on sandals rather than high-heels then go shop it for her rather than ridicule her when she puts them on.

♥Tip #14
Be subtle and gentle with her at all times. Treat her like a queen and literally and not figuratively worship her.

♥Tip #15
Go pick her up for lunch and rather than go eat, drive her to an expensive shop and buy her distinctive things.

♥Tip #16
When she is upset with you over something, wake up as early as possible, make her breakfast and serve her in bed with a note attached
“I love quarrelling with you because making up is interesting.”

♥Tip #17
Buy a love book/novel that you are sure will interest her then read from it to her every night.

♥Tip #18
When she has an occasion to attend, help choose what to wear and iron it for her. Help her dress too either choose to help her put on her jewelleries or her shoes on. Also iron her office or school dresses every time you want to press yours too.

♥Tip #19
Tell her in public especially when others are listening up on you how much you love her. At dinner nights, steal kisses from her while others are watching. Women also love when you sniff their neck and tell them how nice they smell.

♥Tip #20
Take her to the market and wait for her even if you have to do so in the car. It is always more romantic to follow once in a while though and help her carry the things you can.

♥Tip #21
Bathe together and make sure you have lots of water battles while doing so. You can purchase big water guns for this or simply splash water on each other. Then wrap her in a towel and gently dry her body.

♥Tip #22
Follow women’s trends so you can be in the know of the latest fashion gist. Be the first to get her the latest silhouette shoes, perfumes, bags and dresses.

♥Tip #23
Buy her the latest phone even when she says she doesn’t know how to operate it, take time out to teach her.

♥Tip #24
Always bring her gifts no matter how small when you are coming home. Buy her chocolates, bowl of ice cream or biscuits and reiterate no gift can be compared to the gift of love she has given you.

♥Tip #25
No matter how often she might have told you a story, listen each time with the same interest as she first told you. Never remind her she has told you before. I tell you they remember everything but they love to share their thoughts with us all the time.

♥Tip #26
Go home at lunch and sprinkle rose petals on the floor that will lead to your room and on the bed place a note on a box containing a dinner gown telling her to get set for a special dinner outing at her favourite restaurant at a specified time. When it comes to time, women need ample notice so they can prepare. So ensure the time is set at least 2hours after she would have seen the dress.

♥Tip #27
If you play a musical instrument, create a romantic setting to play it for her; you can even get your friends to make a band just for her. For example, arrange with her friend to take her out and bring her back at a specific time without leaving any room for suspicion just to buy you enough time to set your surprise up at the balcony. When she enters and her friend brings her to the balcony, start to play her a slow and romantic music.

♥Tip #28
Ask her family for what she had always wished for as a little girl. Get it for her on her birthday. She will appreciate the fact that you took time to inquire about her childhood desires and love you more for your thoughtfulness.

♥Tip #29
When she is asleep, write a note where she will be sure to find it when she wakes up saying:
“I watched you sleep all night, and I realised how blessed I am to have you”

♥Tip #30
When your partner is at work, send her a voice note telling her
“Between my busy schedule and the hustling, you have constantly remained the object of my thoughts.”

♥Tip #31
Organise mystery trip or weekend getaways for her. By this I mean, make reservations and bookings at romantic centres without her prior notice. Only inform her of a trip to an unknown place. It can be somewhere she has always wished to visit.

♥Tip #32
On her birthday, have your friends and colleagues call her. It will be more alluring if you get some little kids together to sing her a special birthday song; record and send to her! If you can afford it, get gifts delivered to her every hour wherever she might be.

♥Tip #33
Women have a way of reminiscing on special things they like. When they do this, pay attention and jot it down somewhere after. Then find a way of making them relive these special memories. It could be a particular meal they  had eaten and fallen in love with at a given time, go back there and get it and let it have a symbol that will prove you had gotten it from there.

♥Tip #34
Relieve her of her domestic duties; you can give her a day off when you will do the cooking and taking care of the kid and just have her rest all day.

♥Tip #35
Sing her songs, no matter how husky your voice might be.

♥Tip #36
Eat together from the same plate even when at public places. It is more romantic when you both ordered for something different and feed each other after telling her she must have a taste of how delicious what you are eating is.

♥Tip #37
Make an album by collecting pictures of special places you have both visited that interest the two of you. Get it professionally done and give her a copy.

♥Tip #38
Give her information no matter how irrelevant they might be. Such as traffic updates, weather forecast. End it with things like:
“Though it is a bright sunny day, I can guarantee we are going to make it rain together tonight.”

♥Tip #39
If you are the first to shower, right before she enters, blow steam to the mirror and write something like
“You are my world”

♥Tip #40
Drive her occasionally even though she knows how to drive as well. Drop and pick her up from work.

♥Tip #41
When she is sick, take a day off and stay by her side, attending to her every need and pampering her endlessly. Make her favourite dish and buy her all she desires to eat; do not for any reason leave her side or complain over anything.

♥Tip #42
Do you know it is very romantic to go for walks in the rain? So next time it is raining heavily, take your partner for a walk and hug her tightly, kissing her intensely in the rain and lick the rain drops off her face, swing each other in the rain. Then return home to a hot bath and a cuddle under your blanket over a hot cup of tea.

♥Tip #43
During harmattan, buy her customised cardigans with an inscription of how the sweater represents your embrace that will keep her warm. You can add a big teddy bear for her to embrace when not with her.

♥Tip #44
Wake up at dawn and take your partner to go watch together how a new day is born. There is nothing as romantic as watching the sun rise over a beach.

♥Tip #45
Learn to creep up on your wife just to give her a shoulder or neck massage especially when she is seated tired and end it with kisses.

♥Tip #46
Wear specially made customised shirts with your name inscribed on hers and her name put on yours; especially to cinemas or casual events.

♥Tip #47
On clear nights, go outside with her and lay a mat to sleep on where you can both stare at the stars finding heart shapes over a bottle of champagne.

♥Tip #48
Plant her favourite fruit tree and find time to spend together with the tree making it a love symbol and relate its growth to that of your love.

♥Tip #49
Pray together and admonish each other with the words of the scriptures.

♥Tip #50
If you can afford it, buy her dream car and have it delivered to her at work, school, church or mosque. Build her a house of her dream and present the keys to her before her family members and friends.

♥Tip #51
Share her colours. Buy for her and wear the colours she loves most as well.

♥Tip #52
In events of terminal predicaments, shower her with genuine love and celebrate her even more in those trying times by proving your undying love for her.

♥Tip #53
Buy her hair clips and hair decorating accessories.

♥Tip #54
Invite colleagues and friends over for a cocktail party and have knowledge drill of each other from questions asked by friends and colleagues.

♥Tip #55
Walk together holding hands in public and have random kisses.

♥Tip #56
Have her initials printed on your tie.

♥Tip #57
Display her picture in your car, wallet, and office and have a portrait of her put up at a prominent place in your home.

♥Tip #58
Give hand made gifts made by you such as beads or whatever you are creative at. It could be a painting of her.

♥Tip #59
Dedicate things to her. For example, acknowledge her in your books on the dedication page or projects or thesis.

♥Tip #60
Buy her stationery such as books, jotters and biro or pen she uses at work or school.

♥Tip #61
Play games together such as indoor games of monopoly, chess or ludo and also involve in outside games like hide and seek and who is in the garden.

♥Tip #62
Arrange her clothes and carefully fold them into her wardrobe. Also help her shine her shoes when you are doing yours.

♥Tip #63
Buy her 3 colour rice which is usually served in leafs or her favourite local food and have it delivered to her at work.

♥Tip #64
Send her love messages from an already created template. Such as:
“How beautiful life is now that you are in my world.”

♥Tip #65
Ensure you create a romantic ambiance in your room. You can have different colour bulbs mostly with her favourite in mind to light up the room and create a romantic mood. Green is often soothing.

♥Tip #66
When you sense she is broke, have money put in an envelop addressing it “For emergency purposes only” then draw a heart on it and leave it on her dressing table. Even when you have given her money for shopping, you can still go ahead and buy the stuffs so she doesn’t have to spend her money.

♥Tip #67
Recharge her phones and buy all she needs when you can afford it.

♥Tip #68
Take care, of her family members. When you are going to visit, take time out to buy special gift for each of them.

♥Tip #69
When you go out together, make her feel like the boss by letting her pay the bills even though you gave her the money.

♥Tip #70
Do the little things that count: open the door for her, pick her clothes and wash her feet. Also give her a massage.

♥Tip #71
If you have kids, send them to your grandparents and have a wild weekend with your partner all alone.

♥Tip #72
Gift your partner a gift box and yearly place gifts in it. A lover once gave me this and it was pleasing.

♥Tip #73
Compliment her in public and brag about how she makes the best “amala and ewedu” or the best scrambled egg or vegetable soup.