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Pragmatic, reserved and a deep thinker who loves family, sports especially football where am married to two wives: the first, AC Milan who has my loyalty and the second wife, Manchester United who has all my undying love and pampering, lifestyle and society parties. Need I say the law is more than a profession but a lifestyle for me.

Adekanye Adeyinka Olajide.

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Searing pace with a burst of energy coupled with sublime technique is ubiquitous of WAZZA as he is fondly called. Ever since as a teenager, whom had a magnificent and magnanimous EURO-2004, I have grown to admire Rooney like many English and United fans not to mention all genuine football lovers world over.
It is inevitable that critics would surface all over on why I chose to praise this British megastar. Please do not mistake #Rooney for Pele, #Messi, #Maradona and #Zidane even if he is referred to as the “white Pele”. Wayne is a footballer in his own class among the very best we have seen and arguably one of the greatest talents from the Queensland ranking alongside: #Bobby Charlton, #George Best, #Dennis Law, #Eric Cantona, #Roy Keane, #David Becham, #Ryan Giggs, #Paul Scholes in Manchester United and the likes of #Gary Lineker, #Alan Shearer, #Paul Gascoigne, #Michael Owen, #Frank Lampard and #Steven Gerrard in the three Lions especially if statistics and age are vital factors considered in rating them.

In as much as I have rated him greatly, Wazza might never attain the anticipated height we all had highly thought of him when he came into limelight at that tender age; but he has remained an elite in the modern European game. Since his days from #Everton, not because of his good looks when compared to the highest profile footballs star David Becham. It is simply his talent we all admire; aggression, technique, passion, commitment added to success that has set him apart from some of his peers.

A monster like #Carlos Tevez was Wayne in his younger days, unwarranted yellow cards, reckless tackles and lashing out in retaliation evocative of Scholesy and Roy Keane where part of his game, provoking both referee and opponents alike. These days we hardly see those attributes in his evolving style that has seen him become more matured, aftermath his marriage to Coleen, into a better person than a footballer. #Edson arantes dos nacinmento ‘PELE’ once said: if Rooney could channel all his energy only on his football, we would see the very best of him. Rather, #Sir Alex Fergusson and others worked on mitigating his temper if not totally, eliminating it. It is not a coincidence that his overall performance dropped and the fierceness in his game that endeared us to him vanished, the lesser the temper and aggression, the lesser the wonder goals on regular basis. No?

SAF did wonders bringing out the redefined and finished article in Wayne but also he remains a major source in his dwindling fortune. Abundance in talent meant Rooney would be versatile and that worked well for him and United until SAF went a notch further by deploying a forward as defensive midfielder on various occasion ala Alan Smith if you recall and to mention declined #Michael Carrick a promising attacking midfielder from Spurs. I beg to say how many managers dare do this to a top scorer?

The United No 10 has excelled many a time on the left wing allowing Cristiano Ronaldo more freedom to deliver his deadly goals and to think Wazza has partnered and excelled alongside virtually all kind of forwards, is a testament to his undeniable talent; #Vanisterooy, #Saha, #Solskjear, #Tevez, #Berbatov, Owen, #Chicarito to mention a few he has worked with excellently. Then why not #Robin Van Persie; the new United found love you might ask yourself? He remains the only striker to have survived the longest in many changes in SAF’s attacking line up in this #Premier league era. I do not think that is a coincidence too!

Towards the end of SAF’s era, things turned sour between them to which I do not have a clue what transpired. Rooney never appeared the same prior to that night he was a shocking starter in the loss to #Bayern Munich at #Old Trafford, the same season he flourished as lone centre forward. Many tactical choices and deficiency in a top class midfielder ensured Rooney was deployed in different roles unexpected of a centre forward he was. I am not of the opinion that the legendary Sir Alex Fergusson was entirely responsible for his decline as Rooney has issues of his own to sort, the fact remains SAF is always going to be heavily involved in both his positives/negatives.

SAF never revenged that embarrassing and startling broadcast by Wayne, lashing out at one of the world’s biggest brands as lacking ambition ala Roy Keane in 2005 you would say meant they never were best friends again. And SAF going public with his transfer request, you smell vendetta? Not to digress totally, Rooney’s stats over the years for club and country are top-notch and a dream for many forwards especially the English; Welbeck’s return of 2 goals all season is a far cry to the worst of a Wayne.

Like earlier mentioned he may never win the Euros, World cup even the FA cup nor become highest goal scorer in a season and stating the obvious win the #ballon d’or, the singular trophy that can truly ascertain his status we cannot argue of a burgeon talent. His mentioned attributes, success and records would ensure his status as a worthy Manchester legend. Like #Zlatan, #Totti, Gerrard it is obvious not all genuine megastar would be acknowledged for their great works!

His football vision, bursting runs, magnificent finishes and slide-rule passes to team mates will never be over-shadowed by his yo-yo decisions to leave Old Trafford. The arrival of VP might have made him uncomfortable according to speculations in the media, the truth is since an 18 year-old, Wayne has carried all of United on himself and non-of-his heroics should be washed off with the arrival of a new beautiful bride.

None of VP, #Lewandoskwi, #Kagawa, #Fellaini, would wet your appetite in the same style as Rooney; bearing in mind they all have their unique approach. From his debut hat trick to controversial decisions to his 9 consecutive headers, a lob over #David James from outside in an #FA Cup match and OMG that famous awe-inspiring over-head kick against their noisy neighbours, He remains among the very best you would see play the beautiful game especially in Britain. I concur that he is a nearly-man, as his antecedent as a support caste has brought more trophies compared to when he is the sole match winner.

Whether Rooney is an accomplished world class act would remain a debate but not in the city of Manchester! With just about 52 goals to meet #Sir Bobby Charlton’s all time goals record, hate or love him, his records are staggering. NO?

ROONEY’S STATS as at July, 2013
#ENGLAND - 83 games 36 goals
#MANCHESTER UNITED – 402 games 197 goals