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Pragmatic, reserved and a deep thinker who loves family, sports especially football where am married to two wives: the first, AC Milan who has my loyalty and the second wife, Manchester United who has all my undying love and pampering, lifestyle and society parties. Need I say the law is more than a profession but a lifestyle for me.

Adekanye Adeyinka Olajide.

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The world went agog over the auspicious birth of the #RoyalBabyBoy; the future king of England. Prior to the birth itself, many became so immersed in the process that I was beginning to think they were Prince Williams or Duchess Katherine. I similarly savoured the whole process that led to his majestic birth. Though, not live as many Britons had been privileged to that experience from the footbridge over the road from the Lindo wing at St. Mary’s Hospital, where Middleton had given birth to the third-in-line to the throne at a common hospital where the ordinary people also use.

As I watched and felt the love poured out to the #RoyalFamily, by the commoners, it was conspicuous that there was a strong bong between the people and the throne. I had goose bumps at the immensity of passion the people had exhibited through their unflinching dedication and tireless firm support; many had gone to the extent of sleeping on roads and benches just to show support and encouragement. During the overwhelming labour session of their future king’s mother, they had offered sacrifices of prayers and they had united in one spirit. This for me was too exhilarating to bear. I couldn’t but notice the simplicity of the #RoyalFamily with all the extreme affluence; yet, remained so ordinary. They had not chosen the best hospital or flown abroad for the most assured treatments.

This event however, made me reminisce on the sad occurrences, the disregard to the rule of law by custodians of it, the disconnection between the people and its leaders. The turbulence in my country Nigeria and how it is slipping into a state of anarchy and total breakdown of law and order, how nothing is done to stem the tides, how we are becoming a failed state. I write with a sour in my heart and a mind heavily burdened with grief at how I am a national of a country that kills the hope and aspirations of its youth. How visionaries are summarily executed; how employment opportunities are only available to the highest bidder, how sex trade is the only option to survive and crime the only means of livelihood. No wonder where I come from, we see our homeland as the Biblical Egypt of old and we citizens, like the Israelis in search of the promise land. Thus sojorn in borrowed lands more organised than ours!

I pondered on how we have derailed from concrete values, how we goad corrupt leaders and pushed intellectual minds to the doldrums. I rile at how youths have become the tools used by politicians to hunt opposition. Today, I am more dismayed than ever because it is a reality we are an impoverished people; not just treacherous in terms of wealth, but painfully oblivious to things that develop the mind. We are a totally poor people because we lack education and the capacity to a sound rationale.

Sincerely, I am tired of joining the bandwagon of those blaming the government. Who is the government? The government is a representation of the governed. Indeed, we are the government, collectively as a people. Rather than elect visionary leaders who will serve the interest of us – the people, or put in place systems that will make our society burgeon, we choose to have imbeciles direct our affairs. We are a gullible people lacking any sense of purpose. They come during campaigns and cajole us with recondite terms lacking substance and we sell our conscience for meagre 500 naira. We exchange our votes for cheap Ankara clothes, scoops of rice and bottle water. Essentially, trading our immediate need for a life of penury; afflicted on us by self imposing leaders who spend their leadership years enriching their generation accounts from the coffers of the National treasury.

While the Britons had united together in the past week to make a the birth of the #RoyalBaby a global trend with sophisticated affinity, we have shamelessly as have become a trait, battled with randy, paedophiles senators – our most revered representatives, who again have habitually tried to make legal laws benefiting their lewd interests. I will not even attempt to dwell on the legal interpretation of the constitution and the issue which has been in the forefront of debates since this despicable act. What interests me most is the fact that it is now no longer necessary to doubt that ignorance is the bane of our development. Those who have found their ways to represent us in the chambers of the house truly have no clear understanding of their roles as makers of the laws. How can they when they do not even have a grasp of existing laws? Incompetence and ignorance has reared its ugly face again amongst our supposed representatives. Is it now not prominent that we are in sinking sands; when those who should bear our reflection cannot address salient issues as making laws which by the way, is their primary function? A stance further brought into limelight after a senator from ondo; who is asking to be forgiven as he had voted erroneously on the matter.

This are daunting times bearing greater peril if we do not do the right thing. Prince Williams and Duchess Kate triumphantly presented their baby (the people’s baby) to an agitated crowd without - most of whom could not have seen the baby well. Nonetheless, had been part of the elaborate crowd – no glaring security details. At least, there were no bodyguards flocking all over the royal family or the delicate noble baby. A sharp contrast with that of our leaders; who flock around with security guards capable of: protecting the whole country and carry assault rifles in bullish fashion as if they were going to face beasts. Our leaders are not accessible. A reason which can only be traced to the loads of skeletons they carry in their wardrobe. Unlike other world leaders; I remember a person attempted to punch the British Prime minister; this only happened because he is accessible. We all know the British Prime Minister lives on 10 Downing Street. How many of us know where Aso Rock is?

According to the Holy Scriptures, we were presumably to wrestle not against flesh and blood but, against principalities. I tell you now with all conviction in my heart that we wrestle against our leaders whoa re our own PRINCIPALITIES. It is my verdict that we as a people are responsible for these vampires who leech on our veins draining all the blood meant for advancement.