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Pragmatic, reserved and a deep thinker who loves family, sports especially football where am married to two wives: the first, AC Milan who has my loyalty and the second wife, Manchester United who has all my undying love and pampering, lifestyle and society parties. Need I say the law is more than a profession but a lifestyle for me.

Adekanye Adeyinka Olajide.

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Those who have been entrusted with the responsibility of safe guarding the education sector and helping to assure that the future of the present generation as well as that of the unborn - PARENTS and TEACHERS, have failed us woefully. It is often said that children are our heritage, hence, the future upon which tomorrow is built. However, the future can only be assured when our children are properly guided and equipped else, they scounder opportunities given to them. It become pertinent therefore to give them a sound and firm education: formal and informal. Hence, the role of education becomes vital!

A microscopic look is not required to reveal that our society's education with its standards have poorly deteriorated; it is so conspicuous. Many are quick to blame the government for the fallen standards due to lack of proper, sufficient funding, the dilapidated buildings that pupils take their classes in and for everything that has fault all the time. A belief I am not in total support of. Although I agree that government carries the bulk of the portion of the blames why education has failed, however, parents and teachers contribute significantly to the core of the problem itself. Is it not true that the core of the society is built on families - though nuclear in nature, but as a whole make up the society itself, who are also the first source of direction and guidance for their children? Are teachers not by extension the ones saddled with the responsibility of representing the immediate family once they get to school; effectively becoming guardians?

The roles of teachers cannot be undermined as it is their sole duty to provide formal education which is the solid ground upon which all that the children will ever know is built. A role, so germane as to shaping the life of our children. It is literally - not figuratively - gut-wrenching to discover that those we have entrusted the life of our children to zealously imbibe knowledge from, do so with fake cerificates? It is no secret that many of our teachers are quacks who go to any extent to obtain fake certificates to ensure they get a job; a phenomenum am sure most of you are intimated about. Most of them cannot even complete a sentence. How can they? When actually, they lack any meaningful education themselves! I cannot even count the number of those I know who had their NCE examinations written for them. The opportunities for sandwich programs on offer has only worsened an already terrible situation. They just use money to obtain their certificates. Others who have valid credentials, are arcade refusing to go for refreshers courses. Hence, pour out textbook contents to students.

Also, teachers have conveniently domesticated the school and its pupils. Teahers are more motivated to send the students on errands rather than use those times to efficiently carry out their duty. Some go as far as sending students to markets in other to shop for their own house needs. When they return, they instruct them to pick the leaves of "ewedu" rinse the meat and pick the beans; while they galivant about with a nonchalant attitude towards working, and are unnecessarily garrulous. Often times, some go to their teachers houses to help them do the home chores during school hours. Their candid excuse for this is "the reward of teachers is now on earth". Teachers indulge more in gossips and frivolous issues, usually futile to their mandated duties. They jump from class to class like the grasshopper while they leave their babies with pupils to tend to. It is no longer strange to have teachers absent from school for no substantial reason other than to take permission from the principal for personal gains such as: shopping for outfits to sell to other teachers.

Gone are the days when the teaching profession was indeed a noble one with so much virtue attached. All you see today, are teachers who have no conscience of any kind, getting involved with students and committing all sort of  atrocities in exhange for good grades and results. These hypocrites who call themselves teachers even flaunt these shameful act among their colleagues. Although, this act existed earlier too, they were not these open. Most of those who did it then did such with the intention of marriage and support with no ulterior motive.

Similarly, teachers have now resorted to helping children in all kinds of examination malpractices. A sizeable number of them help the pupils to write their state examinations so as to have the best result in the subject ascribed to them. Some in higer level of education, exchange money or other benefits for good grades. How ironical it is to abandon ones duty and yet encourage success in it. Thus, this has brought about the high rate of incompetence to a dastardly effect among the students and in effect, the society at large.

The role of parents in this devastating situation can not be over emphasised. Indeed, there was a time when charity begun at home. But alas, not anymore! Parents of today have forgotten that it is in their prerogative interest to be the bedrock  of informal education. They now not only encourage malpractices, but support and sponsor it. I was fortunate to have heard a girl tell her friends in a conversation that she was too petrified to go home after she had recorded an epic failure in the just concluded Unified Tertiary Maticulation Examination (UTME) examination. Her bewildered friends probed as to why. She finally revealed that her dad had paid a lump sum of 25 thousand naira for an external candidate to write on her behalf. You cannot comprehend how startled I was.

I also, cannot recall the number of parents who indulge their children when they get involved in despicable acts; such as: crime, girls who earn from night life, or the aristos and sugar-daddies and mummies, cultism and other vices. I've seen a lot of parents who live in houses and ride in cars bought for them by their children , knowing fully well such moneys were gotten from ill sources. Some of them even defend their children by saying money gotten from cyber crime is money stolen from their forefathers. Those who do not indulge their children, do not even have time to care for them. No one supervises their home works anymore or check their progress in school. No random, surprise visitations on those at the scool hostels or on campuses. How can they even have time for their opening days at school or visiting day, when all they are concerned about is money? They leave home as early as 5am to return so late; when the children are not up yet, and return late at night when they are already in bed. They have replaced parental love with shopping and rendezvous, leaving maids who in turn molest these children to care for them. Most children are so independent now that they think they can handle any situation by themselves, since they never had parents to talk to!

A parent had recently complained about how her child knew nothing despite the huge sums she paid for tuition in the child's school. She said she could not withdraw the child as her friends will think her broke. so, she took the option of taking the child to a cheaper school she had heard of, where the pupils are properly tutored. . I did not bother to profer any suggestion as she was a perfect representation of the modern parent. 

I pray for the sake of the furture of our generation and those behind, parents retrace their steps and teachers find their roots going back to basics.