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Adekanye Adeyinka Olajide.

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The show of shame in the Rivers state politics is not a strange occurrence in our customary conflicting nation where the interests of the people and mandates of leaders are not legitimately protected. This event has constantly been a leach in the politics of our nation, as feuds and rancour are mostly celebrated to promote selfish aspirations. We will recall that this scenarios were played out in Oyo state, Ogun state and Plateau State where six members impeached their governor. An exhibition that our constitution is regularly disregarded and its provisions submerged.

In this particular event, it is conspicuous that it is a result of a power tussle between the president of the federation and the executive governor of the state. This struggle had erupted as a result of the intents of the governor; which he has made no secret of to contest in the forthcoming election as a presidential aspirant - a declaration the presidency has been uncomfortable with, hence doing all to foil it. This embarrassing situation first started with the president carefully choosing players to frustrate and choke the efforts of the executive governor of rivers state. It will be recalled that the wife of the president who has no legal office, neither was voted for nor carries any immunity, flagrantly few years back at a public function, snapped the microphone from Amaechi during a public function. This same woman, blocked the passage in the governors office a few weeks back.

Subsequently, Amaechi was removed in questionable circumstances as the head of the Nigerian Governors Forum. Ever since, Rivers state has known nothing close to peace. The state has been under political siege wherein the affairs of that state has been put under scrutiny and careful observation. It is pertinent to know that prior to this political debacle, the Rivers States house of Assembly has since the inception of democracy in this country, been one of the most peaceful states in the country. It was therefore puzzling to see that such house which has been known for peace, law and order descend to a state of anarchy where five honourables attempted to have the sitting governor impeached; an attempt foiled by the masterstroke check mate played by the governor by taking the problem by the scuffle of its neck when he attended the session of the house on the said day.

Thereafter, law and order broke down hence violence erupted. Gory scenes were then witnessed when house members became barbaric and uncontrollably turning into political monsters. I mean where else will you see scenes where camera tripods are turned into weapons. In fact in one of the pictures on air, the maze - whether counterfeit or original, was used to batter one of the members. I was petrified when I saw a member hitting the maze on the head on another like it were a rock. I was so saddened when embarrassingly, the police force who are supposed to be responsible for protecting the lives and properties of its citizens turned into elements to be used in breaking these laws. A police officer was seen stamping a member and throwing Tyson like blows.

I do not know how the president intends to wash his hands clean of this though with a valid alibi of his usual oversee visit with special reference to the high power delegation five day visit to China. We all know that the Police force are security agents in the exclusive control of the Presidency. Despite calls by Amaechi to have the commissioner of police who also was at the elms of affairs in the Oyo state crisis removed, deaf ears were turned to him. Consequently, despite being informed also that there were possibilities of mayhem in the house on the day this shameful act occurred, the CP allegedly said after that though informed, he had chosen to be lackadaisical about it. Apparently, this CP is a tool used by the Federal government to disrupt political peace in states the president lacks control and has interest. Although the Inspector General of Police have vowed to punish perpetrators of this situation. We wonder if those are not empty promises. Is he not answerable to his boss - "the oga at the top" Mr President?

Well documented it is that a police officer attempted to shoot at the governor. Tear gas canisters were shot into his office where Governor Rotimi said he had to hide for his life. Police detailed to him and attaches, have since been removed - a similar former Anambra governor Chris Ngige situation prior to his impeachment. Now soldiers are seen barricading the House of Assembly entrance; also a usual prelude to declaring State of Emergency. The president have debunked these allegations through his mouth piece Ruben Abbati as expected. But, it is often said that behind a dancing water is the drummer at the bottom of the river.

It is worthy of note that Rotimi who was was forced on exile during the early democratic days, seem to be the victim here once again from all indications. Many nigerians in the top echelon have rallied round him and called for his protection. For me, this is a shame! How can a whole governor be made toothless and stripped naked for only nursing intentions to aspire more in his chosen field. Whereas, this same president grants State Pardon to an international criminal who jumped bail and disguised as a woman in a triumphant entry to the country; declaring him his hero and political mentor.