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Adekanye Adeyinka Olajide.

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 Encomiums have as expected, poured in all day to this illustrious son of Africa; whom enough words cannot succintly describe his landmark achievements over his course of life. The trailblazing Madiba is nothing short of an icon whose only shortcoming seems to be mortality itself! World leaders have fallen head over heels in other to get front page captions as they find words that will be as evergreen as the man himself - a feat some have achieved after so much efforts and dedication, not forgetting employing the best brains to put head together so as to come up with befitting speeches. So do not blame me if I herald this piece with much benevolence and preference, no matter how incapable I seem at achieving that, just indulge me.

It is unassuming to say that #Nelson Mandela has always been a man of the people, an inspiration to a fading generation and hope to an aspiring, emerging though somewhat bewildered youth. This man has kept his ways unsoiled because he has always been pragmatic, a realist per excellence with an insurmountable confidence. Bracingly alluring in his speeches while taking up challenges like the eagle, which gazes the sun in his majestic stride - almost flawless.

I have been fortunate to have seen a few of #Mandela's documentary. In one, of the numerous, it had been about his journey in life and how the tides had moved him towards what appears to be his destiny. Madiba, from a strong deeply rooted tribe had been under pressure to marry a young lady who he described as not his type. But, he cajoled his way out of an overwhelming situation right at an early age - a pointer to things to come - which led him to going on to further his education. At 23, he arrived at Johannesburg and was captivated by the opportunities in the town. Mandela like many young men, had other interests which included philandering with women - a trait he made  no attempt to hide. At 26 he got married to his first wife and as he was not too inclined to a domesticated life yet, he furthered his education in law, which led him to meeting his soon to be mentor: #Walter Suzulu. A man who was the catalyst to snowballing Mandela into politics. He told Mandela if he wanted to be a force for change, he had to find a group that could help tweet his voice, upon this he joined the ANC. As Mandela would recall, people warned against associating with #Walter as it will land him in jail. He rebuffed and subsequently, landed in jail.

Madiba, never had it easy. But, he thrived in the difficult circumstances. He is a man who has such a friendly aura. Need I say that he is very jovial. An instance that lingers is when after he had seen some pictures of topless South African Women; a customary thing by the way, his life long assistant had suggested all his female members of staff doing same so as to raise funds for his numerous charity, burst into laughter and said "the whole country will be here to watch that especially men". Similarly, a woman had come into Nelson's office and he asked "are you married?" the woman gesticulated towards the man accompaning her. Mandela in turn asked "how long did it take you to propose to her?"

Mandela relished every challenge life threw at him; nothing changed his resolve. His priority has always been the needs of mankind and give them a better life ending all sufferings and white minority domination. In the face of adversity, he remained meticulous in his routine. No wonder at his old age, he still had a particular of lacing his shoes and cleaning them by himself, e folded his clothes in a uniform way. What strikes me most is how he pay attention to every detail that reflects in how he evenly folds his newspapers till it measured up perfectly leveled. Never mind that age has the better of him and made him wear neck collar vest on long journeys; he had the same passion and zeal often more than that of a 30 year old. This man liberated his people and gave the oppressed the capacity to be vociferous in their demands. No doubt his legacy will forever live on.

I will like to leave you with Nelson Mandela's guide to life. He said: for him, life ends when he can not wake up daily to tackle life problems as this is the core of life. A reason why the former British Prime Minister also his friend, Tony blair said "One thing I like about Mandela is that he is tough. If you want to be a progressive, you have to be tough."

As we celebrate a man with an exemplary life, let us all mirror him through us. He would want nothing better for a gift.