'A critical approach on relationship, topical issues, love, and society in a subtle way juxtaposing them with real life issues to impact real people.'

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Pragmatic, reserved and a deep thinker who loves family, sports especially football where am married to two wives: the first, AC Milan who has my loyalty and the second wife, Manchester United who has all my undying love and pampering, lifestyle and society parties. Need I say the law is more than a profession but a lifestyle for me.

Adekanye Adeyinka Olajide.

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After an hectic day, I just couldn't wait to get home. The most astounding part of the day was my decision to go home in other to eat mama's sumptuous meal. I am tired of this bachelor's life; eating junks. But before then, I had to wrap my day up and travel a couple of miles.

I got to town right before the heavens opened and poured out in its fury. It had threatened all through my journey with its rumbles and grumbles. I was frightened at some point cos it seemed the thunders like the drums of an enraged drummer boy, were going to burst out practically hitting one hard. Heaven lighted in it is prime with different shots almost revealing the soul's wildest intents - trust me, in my heart, I said a few prayers! Anyway, fortunately, it had afforded me the opportunity to get into the last vehicle that will take me home.

You know, the rain always brings traffic with it. As it is almost customary, it breeds the chance to mingle with other car boarders; at least before they alight. So, I met Sylvester: an enthusiast; quite friendly I must say. He must have been calling his wife because I heard him telling her he was heading home as a result of an apprehending rain - I was not eavesdropping though! *straight face*. He spoke almost about everything and we all sure giggled, some scuffed but it was a jolly ride and a merry one. I finally contributed when he had related the recent #Al Mustapha's discharge and acquittal: a position he frowned at and concluded it was a sort of bargaining plea to appease to the most dreaded terrorist group; #Boko haram. He lamented about our inadequate judicial system and their dependence on government. Being a lawyer myself, I tried to adjudicate and remove the sack cloth of Justice, choosing to taking sides with plausible excuses. But I must confess Sylvester is a highly opinionated man and he flawed me - a rare occurrence you can attribute to the fact that I wasn't paid for the argument so no need to exhibit my skills - like he was #Ali in his hay days with his stylish jabs. When he referred to the not too distant court judgement to fine a corrupt offender, who had syphoned a staggering #32billion naira the paltry sum of #750,000 naira, I couldn't find my words of solidarity anymore. With his new point, I simply became a sleeping partner in the argument I had lost. Remember only because I was not being paid to argue here oh!

Everyone had something to chip in at some point. We easily glided through the harsh weather without taking cognisance to its pour of rage anymore. The rain in its fashion though, had time to remind us of its authority when water started dripping in through the car and sadly, I was the victim who got drenched. Though not directly but through the rain's agent. A matter we all burst out into uncontrollable laughter when the driver adequately apologised, but, blaming it on #Nigeria. The sight outside though was not as friendly as it was in the car as everywhere in Akobo was flooded and water was gushing out from all quarters. The alarming thing about it was that in an area lacking any sensible drainage to channel the rain waters, our people as always were guilty of dumping their refuse in the water; a matter I drew his attention to. Trying to show him how equally guilty we are as a people as the government herself.

As if that was not an eyesore enough to ponder on, we saw some school pupils trying to cross the gutter at a vocal point of the flood. Before we could roll down to warn them against such, they had successful manoeuvred through it. Hallelujah! Then, we saw 3 young girls and Sylvester intuitively opted to warn those against going on in the rain but the hold-up impeding him as those girls walked agonising pass us. Just at the time we got to where they were, pandemonium struck as he was about to call out to the girls, one of them dropped her food basket and in an attempt to pick it up, the water current pulled her and off she went in the flood. Calamity followed suit as the other girl trying to catch her was pulled along too. Then we started screaming and asked the taxi man to stop. Our parental care took control of us. It was like a scene in a #Hollywood blockbuster; only that this was happening right before my very eyes. People gathered and a young man jumped into the river to save the two kids. Sylvester and I hugged the girls like they were our own daughters. The girls who happened to be sisters, were simply numb and petrified as they had just been whisked away from a certain death.

I got home feeling like a hero and narrated the ordeal to her. Reminiscing tonight, I remembered calling our attentions to heavy rain predictions in my previous post: #The Rain is Here: Be safe. Please ensure we stay indoors while it rains and if we are caught out, find a safe place to hide. God bless and keep us all my people!