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Pragmatic, reserved and a deep thinker who loves family, sports especially football where am married to two wives: the first, AC Milan who has my loyalty and the second wife, Manchester United who has all my undying love and pampering, lifestyle and society parties. Need I say the law is more than a profession but a lifestyle for me.

Adekanye Adeyinka Olajide.

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An ekiti man based in the states had been home for the sole purpose of enrolling his child in a primary school here in Nigeria. He wanted one with boarding facilities - so the child could be in the hostel while he returned; by all means, he found one in Ibadan. Then, he got me perturbed with his demands to replicate home facilities for his boy. He wanted an air conditioned room, a video game, pay-per-view television, a private bathroom and a nanny to attend to him. I was dazed for I wondered how he had made no mention of anything relating to the school's curriculum and academic standards. Bet there is nothing wrong with a home away from home school environment. But, goodness me, is the education of our children meant to be a bragging right amont our peers?

What has happened to the days of the Missionary schools, the Unity schools, the Federal government Colleges, the State schools and in some cases, the Council schools? When the standard of education was all that mattered, when all that was paramount was the physics, chemistry and biology laboratories, when the parents bragging rights were the brilliance of a child, the childs ability to recite the multiplication table, or the discipline instilled in their children by the teachers was all that counted?

Gone are the days when it was prestigious to have foreign white men/womwen "oyinbo" as teachers in your child's school. When our children could not even get into primary schools except their hands could touch their ears. I mean those times when you had to complete the whole primary cycle of one to six; whereas in the North, it was up to primary seven with morning and afternoon classes. Well, thats has been relegated as some schools even make room for their pupils to process to secondary school as early as primary four. Now you can find a school for them as early as 3 months plus pick them up whenever you close, even if you work as a banker - just have their pampers available and money for such services.

Our educational system is now a debacle unlike when it used to be the cynosure of all eyes. The paradigm shift has become so critical that the purpose of education has been lost. It is purely a reason to pull weight among parents now. They go as far as finding schools where they can pay in #Pounds sterling or #Dollars so they can brag about that; who offer the best facilities such as swimming pools, various trips across the globe as an incentive with customised gifts. A huge disparity to what it was like in our former schools where fees were paid via postal orders. Indeed, there was a benchmark to the amount you could give your wards as pocket money placed by schools. Alas, now you are encouraged to drop huge sums for their guardians and buy the latest #Barbie products or #Ben10 for them by today's schools.

Who will blame the kids of today for being to fashion conscious with high moral decaydence when we buy for them the latest mary kay's, eye shadows and lipsticks. At their end of year parties, we adorn them with brazillian hair on heads that know little or noting about their  academics - well, some of them have been to the #Madamme Tussauds and #Eiffle Towers of this world as infants when they are not even aware of where they are. Whereas, going back home was the excursion then as they explored the country through a functioning railway system. The only fashion known in schools were the polished "Eze goes to school" bata shoes and white socks rolled to the kneels. Ther Barbie collection was their metal boxes: a big one usually for provisions and the small one for books. They even had uniform hair style called every week at the assembly ground. But mine, would they not recite the whole multiplication table to you, tell you the days of the week and accurately give you the time?

As a matter of fact, discipline was a culture. That was about the main reasons parents chose schools to send their children to. Often times, stubborn children were sent to schools most renowned for discipline; some of whom meted out training that parents could not give. Schools like #Mayflower owned by the late Tai Solarin took students through the rudiments of farming extensively and how to bake bread they consumed. Letters students received mostly by posts were first opened and read at the staff room before being handed over to students at the assembly ground; this hampered philandering tendencies. Even parents wrote letters in carbon so they had an exact duplicate of what they had sent in details with no possibilities of alterations.

Students' nails and teeth were checked at the assembly ground: those who were in the habit of skipping their bath were bathed with sand. Truly, neatness became a way of life as hostels were checked with each bunk occupant stood by its bed for inspection. It was well known that students dared not look teachers in the eyes, teachers were known with their "mr long or mr do good" i.e the cain. Hence, no one dare complain of being beaten if in the wrong. Similarly, parents will not go to harass a teacher for whipping their child or take such teacher to court - a rampant occurence these days; for they considered any rebellious or disobedient act tantamount to an attempt to drag the family name in the mud.

Hardwork was the pride of life. Every student had their own portion of the morning duties which must be carried out no matter how tedious before the assembly bell was rung. It is a new world today with cleaners pushing trolleys to pick dirty cloths for laundry returned ironed. No wonder the women of today can only cook noodles for students as lunch packs and cant even handle a broom. With men not able to labour anymore.

It was not all work and no play though. They had the likes of Ade love, Funmi Rasco, Aderupoko, etc going round schools to act on stage. An opportunity relished by students who took turn to iron their clothes with charcoal iron, hair parton with girls on the "boys follow me" hairdo all in a bid to impress. But now, a musical star is invited to help mark a child's birthday. There were sporting activities organised by schools, government: state and federal where talents were harnessed and nortured. The only sports done today, are through video games.

You sure will not argue that education was the foundadation upon which the society was built. Now, our society has failed because our education is in a ridiculous disarray only with an appalling system to flaunt. Custodians have failed us due to the chase of personal enrichment at the cost of a reckless abandonment of  our education. No wonder the society is crumbling like a pack of cards.