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Pragmatic, reserved and a deep thinker who loves family, sports especially football where am married to two wives: the first, AC Milan who has my loyalty and the second wife, Manchester United who has all my undying love and pampering, lifestyle and society parties. Need I say the law is more than a profession but a lifestyle for me.

Adekanye Adeyinka Olajide.

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You are here: Home / AN EMERGING WORLD.


Many of us can testify to receiving lots of text messages and in some cases broadcast messages admonishing that we attach less value and importance to certain gadgets we prize far above many other valuable things. I guess whoever started this message must have written with the intention to advocate against using whatever we have as an oppressive tool - a salient issue so humorously wrapped without losing its message.

What I found amusing about this message I received a couple of times, is the sarcasm and vendetta many of the people who sent it have as a motive. A line that sticks to my head still is ladies who almost wanted to kill because of brazilian hair. I couldn't stop laughing when I read that. I consequently thought how my cousin had told me of european hair, peruvian hair and all kinds at very affordable prices unlike when it was really exorbitant and prized by the privileged who adorned them. There was also a line about how there was the #blackberry and #iphone craze which is now used by every tom, dick and harry. The rest, am sure you're conversant with.

I read this with so much enthusiasm; then realised, that something was missing that those passing it were not getting. There was an underlying message in it for me. As much as it was a parody of some sort, it carried a richer content and value to me. I could infer a million things from it. Some of which, I want to share with you all.

Though true that the only constant thing in life is change, and indeed life itself is in a flux ever evolving and nothing seems to be forever in vogue; no matter how brilliantly such might have been designed or developed and no matter how expensive it might be or the value placed on it; the constant thing in life is: us, the human! No matter how ephemeral the one behind the reasons for the innovations or the innovation itself is. After all, we fashion a world to meet our ever growing demand. We fine tune things to meet our insatiable taste for modern, newer technologies to attaining a better, more convenient way of living. We as human, are actually the ones creating new things to meet our goals and development. I remember for one; the days of the box tv's with a dragging closing pad for it - that which felt like it carried a padlock, the black & white tv's and now, we've the three dimensional view (3D) tvs, the high definition (HD) tvs to meet our need for more quality views and to participate more in what we watch while feeling more simultaneously. Gone are the days of the Nintendo's that have given way now for PS4's and Xbox of this world. We used to have houses built with mud, then with woods. But now all that have made way for architectural designs and masterpieces gracing our landscape and redesigning our environment with magnificent edifices.

For me truly, the world doesn't change. It is the people in it that change it to fit into their needs while they exist on earth during their scheduled time. Am sure no one will want to go on about their business today only being covered by plants as cloth no matter how the imagination of that might seem appealing, or have to walk thousand of miles to get water to drink. Sure no man, woman or child of this generation will survive without our various communication tools, be it all sort of notebooks, pads or phones we might effect it with. Many of us live our lives on these devices and our whole routine is fulfilled only because we have them. It is because of our advancement that we can have our moods, and feelings captured through pictures and our events documented. We can make calls and see the other party through video calling. The world has become a much easier place because of the tools we have created to aid our living. Indeed it is a global village.

Apparently, the message inherent is not in the value or substance placed to all we own. Either to give us a classy status of affluence making us distinguished or to show how prowess in use of modern day "toys". It is in the fact that we are the emerging world. Not the devices, accessories or equipment that we fashion our world by! We must learn that no matter what the world demands of us, we are up to the task. Constantly developing our skills, becoming relevant in all fields, evolving with the shape of the world. Learning how to use various technological equipment and owning those we can afford. When they go out of demand, we discard them and become compliance as well. Otherwise, if we fail to move with time by being oblivion of the trends and being obnoxious due to attaching irrelevant mediocrity to it, the world and those who are compliant, will move on leaving us to lick our self inflicted wounds for being obstinate.

Be the driving force to the world. You're essentially the world itself, hence the change the world desires. What you do shapes the affairs of the world at large. Am sure you will not want to be caught lagging behind. There was a time our toys were the brick games, puzzles on paper; now the modern child does this on their palm device and laptops. We had moments when our university degrees will get you a job with fantastic pay but now, not even a master degree guarantees you that. You need certification and professionalism. You just have to be the driving force to an ever emerging world!