'A critical approach on relationship, topical issues, love, and society in a subtle way juxtaposing them with real life issues to impact real people.'

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Pragmatic, reserved and a deep thinker who loves family, sports especially football where am married to two wives: the first, AC Milan who has my loyalty and the second wife, Manchester United who has all my undying love and pampering, lifestyle and society parties. Need I say the law is more than a profession but a lifestyle for me.

Adekanye Adeyinka Olajide.

I do it for me

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I once wrote a piece supposedly meant to be a book chronicling my life.
Today, i reflect on it as i read through what comes out to be a masterpiece.
I really don't wanna go on eulogizing my awakened ability to produce a stunner.

So today my people, I share with you a part of me that i now hope sometimes; you will get to see. Oh, sorry get to read.

Here we go; I hope you love this.

"I know it is almost impossible to give a chronical detail of my existence, but...."

"Though an unsatisfactory but necessary part of my life, It is so powerful that it penetrates through my whole existence. I know that the whole purpose of all is for the fulfillment of what we generally refer to as the elements of life such as: death, pain, and love"

These are just excerpts from a yet to be titled book surely gonna be out sometime. So it is copyright protected.

But don't be fast to draw conclusions please!
For today, i write with a renewed spirit, a clearer vision and less i forget an uncountable number of God given successes. Like i said people, I am better if not now than ever.

I add today, "I Have benefited tremendously from unbelievable Blessings from God and He knows my life will never be the same."

It is straight from the heart of your boy
- Adekanye Adeyinka Olajide.