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Pragmatic, reserved and a deep thinker who loves family, sports especially football where am married to two wives: the first, AC Milan who has my loyalty and the second wife, Manchester United who has all my undying love and pampering, lifestyle and society parties. Need I say the law is more than a profession but a lifestyle for me.

Adekanye Adeyinka Olajide.

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The past week in Brazil - the seventh largest economy in the world - has been all turmoil and pandemonium caused by a 20cent hike in public transport. The Brazilians chose to vent their despair and anger in what has accumulated in a wide spread protest during the confederation's cup which they are hosting. Protesters have dubbed it "More than 20cent" stating: it is all about respect and improvement in lifestyle of the average Brazilian.

The essence is not to plunge into Brazilian crisis and details of their events, but to draw a comparing basis for our own country and how responsive our government has been to a nation in my opinion on the verge of collapse. The Brazilian president; Dilma Rousseff who happens to be the first female president, as a result of the unrest in her country abandoned her planned visit to japan on bilateral issues which was supposed to be between: June 26 - June 28 bothering on the uneasiness being experienced in her country. In fact the hike in the price on public transportation has been reversed in thirteen cities already. This response with ultimate alacrity left a sting in my heart.

I recall countless times, how every president that has ruled our beloved country have with such reckless abandonment ignored the demands of its people and even while we have protested has been so nonchalant to our rallies and cries treating us like toothless dogs that sometimes I concede, they are right. Time and time again, various presidents have left the shores of our country even while the security of the nation has been nothing close to tolerable. This lackadaisical attitude en-kindles from me the most bitter feelings. I wonder how a fellow human being can travel to attend supposed meetings or as they call it "economic visit" to a well organised country; who has its citizens as its priorities, while your people are being mutilated, maimed and executed in the most cruel of ways by different sect members infiltrating our almost non-existing security and bypassing our porous border lines. I often lay distraught at the gory scenes of school children who during their final senior secondary school exams have their bodies blown into different pieces by boko haram, when women are made widows and childless taking lives of men who are bread winners as a result of attacks by infidels on their community.

Is it not obvious that less value is placed on citizens of our beloved country cos the world knows we want to escape to better countries. Why else will Britain tag us a "high risk" country and ask that we pay £3,000 bonds to come to their country so we don't disappear like air as we are so accustomed to doing? Is it not conspicuous enough that the world recognises our lands are hostile and hence the reason why America will ask its citizenry not to come here as they will be kidnapped if not killed. A friend of mine who came to Nigeria had a letter given to him by his country with numbers to call in case he was caught up in any difficulty during his stay in this volatile country. I laughed cos my friend is a born Nigerian yet an adopted country treats him special than his father land. It is all a cumulative downward spiral we have become used to.

The reasons are not far fetched why different killing machines have evolved over time in our country. First there was the Biafran civil war which emanated as a result of the agitation, marginalisation, inequality of the south; then came the vigilante group MEND and various militant groups who were about ensuring that their communities be developed, jobs be provided for them, their environments that have been battered by all forms of pollution from oil be redeemed and above all a justifiable demand that as major oil producer, they benefit more from such proceeds. Then came the dreaded Boko haram an organised terrorist group whose operations are more sophisticated with top assaults and attack at key times with dastardly effects. Demanding for numerous grounds to be fulfilled by government in other to frustrate the nation and bring it to an abrupt end.

From the crystal clear trend, one thing remains mutual among the interest of these various groups spanning different times. It is that they have come into being to compel government to do that which they have neglected despite various dialogues and yearning. A position espoused by #Malcolm X, where he said:
Nobody can give you Freedom,
Nobody can give you Justice,
or Equality or Anything...
If your a Man...
You take it!

They are groups set out to make government take those demands serious. As much as am strongly against anyone taking the life of another and I vehemently stand against violence of any sort, I can't but agree that this tide cannot be stemmed unless government becomes responsive and take concrete actions, effecting it to the letter, becoming responsive and responsible, taking governance seriously; not as a means to enrich their pockets or serve private uses. Otherwise, they give room for a revolution to breathe.

How can we avoid crime and its elements when the government enforce on us policies that are not favourable, that we cannot survive with such as deregulation when 75% of our populace is below poverty line, when despite our frustrations and demands, government never rescind on its decisions regardless of the pain it gives us? When our president tell us after a vicious attack on boxing day that boko haram are a part of us and we must cope with them until they fizzle out? How can we have a new order when while we protest peaceful against deregulation, we wake up the next day with soldiers dressed like they on a Somalian mission on our streets? When will our leaders take our matters to act and know that they are there to protect our interest and governance is about bettering our lives not taking the little milk we have? Will it ever even matter? After all our votes never counts so who are they accountable to?